Tuesday, April 19, 2011

motor Suzuki , satria fu150, 14,Jakarta Timur

Motor : .Rp. 14 jt
Location : Jakarta Timur.
Date : 18 April 2011

Purpose: For Sale. Merk: Suzuki. Type: satria fu150. Year: 2008. Location: Jakarta Timur. Address: jl. gereja no.6 pulomas. Price : Rp 14.000.000. Nego?: Yes. Contact Name: andrew. Contact Telepon: 081384301812. Short Description: body mulus. mesin masih orisinil semua. ban blakang besar. fullstep underbond(asli nya masih ada).terawat bgt dr beli sampai skrg. tangan 1 dr beli ampe skrg. warna merah marun hitam. plat B. bensin pertamax atau shell. surat2 lengkap.18500km. jarang dipakai. jual cpt. harga masih bisa negotiable tp ga byk(lihat dr kondisi motor).berminat hub saya aja atau dtg langsung liat

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Suzuki, satria fu150, 14, East Jakarta

Price : Rp. 14.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Suzuki– 2008.
Seller :Contact : Jakarta Timur..

Purpose: For Sale. Brand: Suzuki. Type: knight fu150. Year: 2008. Location: East Jakarta. Address: jl. Pulomas no.6 church. Price: Rp 14.000.000. Nego?: Yes. Contact Name: andrew. Contact Phone: 081 384 301 812. Short Description: body smooth. engine is still original all. blakang large tires. fullstep underbond (the original is still there). manicured bgt dr buy up to current. hands of a dr buy ampe current. dark maroon color. plate B. pertamax gasoline or shell. surat2 lengkap.18500km. rarely used. selling dial. prices can still be negotiable tp byk ga (see dr motor condition). interested I wrote a hub or directly DTG clay

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